• Easier to Run. Better for Fish.

    Automate Your Fishing Tournament on a Mobile Phone

  • Available on the Google play store and Apple app store.

  • What You Get

    • Online Registration.
    • Online Payment.  
    • A webpage with your rules, information, and photos.
    • A mobile app for recording catches and authenticating fish.
    • Live Leaderboards via the mobile app.
    • Easy communication tools for promoting your tournament.
    • Access to our Sponsors.

    *It is FREE to host a tournament. Fishermen pay a small % service fee.

  • How It Works

    Use our website to HOST and publicize your tournament.

    Fishermen JOIN the tournament by using our app.

    The mobile app is used to RECORD and VERIFY all fish.

    Fish can be immediately released back to their natural environment.


    Fishing Tournaments

    Set your tournament up online in minutes. We help invite participants from our database, your website, and via email.


    Download the App

    Your participants will join and pay online. Sponsors from our database might become interested in your progress.


    Live Leaderboard

    Fisherman use the photo app to record catches and submit them for verification. The Leaderboard can be viewed throughout the day.



    Specialized technology helps authenticate fish, prevents cheating, and enforces tournament rules. The tournament director verifies leaderboard results.




    Protect Your Fishery


    Traditional tournaments are a thing of the past.

    Our services protect the fish in your lake while making it easier to run a tournament.











    The FishDonkey tournament app is free. Participants pay a service fee to join. This is like paying a sales tax.

    A $100 tournament has a $2+5% FishDonkey fee = $7. The fisherman pays $107 and the host gets $100.
    If you are hosting a free tournament ($0), contact us because the host could be subject to a service fee.


  • New, Creative, and Fun Tournaments

    Our Digital Platform and Mobile App Allows for New & Creative Options

    Nontraditional Time

    Set up a tournament that lasts an hour or a year. You could even create a month long tournament and ask your participants to fish any one day out of the month, then just use the app to verify the results.

    Wild Card

    Any fish can be a winner with this category. Just hit the "Shuffle" button and the wild card leaderboard will scramble resulting in a random winner. You can also use this category to reward sponsors by setting up prizes for participants that meet sponsor requirements.

    Unleashed Geography

    Limit fishing to a specific lake or allow participants to fish any lake in the state, the country, or anywhere in the world.

    Fun Tournament Types

    Run a new style of tournament and reward the largest fish of any species, a stringer of fish, or a grand slam (multi species). Leaderboard changes are announced to participants with a bellowing Hee-Haw!

    A Sponsor Tournament

    This is a tournament operated by one of our sponsors, where participants need to use the sponsor's product in order to win.

  • FishDonkey.com

    Tournaments that are easier to run and better for fish.

    About the Founder

    Darren Amundson - BSEE from U of Minnesota and MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

    "I grew up camping and fishing in Northern Minnesota and I have always loved the outdoors. Give me cool, clear water, and a bent rod and I am a happy person. From the start of my career, I knew that I wanted to run my own business. I began by working as an engineer for several years before studying new ventures at M.I.T. Since then, I have started 4 companies. My first three companies have been related opportunities in the medical field, where we used technology to improve old business models. FishDonkey is similar in a lot of ways. We are using mobile technology to change the way fishing tournaments operate. It's easier for our customers and it's better for the environment. Our product is something I believe in, it's something that I have been working toward for a long time, and it is something I truly care about. The future of fishing looks bright and I am happy to be a part of a product that has so much potential to change the world of tournament fishing."

    Our Passion is Fishing

    We love the outdoors and we love fishing. We strive to create products and services that make fishing sustainable and allow us to enjoy nature while leaving our natural resources as good or better than they were when we found them.

    Catch & Release

    Running a "kill" tournament or gathering all the biggest fish and transporting them to one end of the lake for a weigh-in is going to become a thing of the past. We will help you run a competitive fishing event, successfully benefit your charity or cause, and immediately return all fish to their natural environment.

  • Available on the Google play store and Apple app store.

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